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Toyota HiLux 2023.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

Toyota has updated the all-wheel-drive HiLux with an off-road version of the Rogue.

If there’s anywhere that truly loves pickups, it’s Australia.

This is the reason why a large number of car manufacturers bring many pickups to this country, some of which are unique.

So did Toyota, announcing an update to its best-selling pickup, the Toyota HiLux 2023 model year.

It should be noted that the sales copies will start coming to the dealer centers of this country in the 4th quarter of this year.

Among the updates, the new version of the model, which is called HiLux Rogue, catches the eye.

It is a new flagship variant, maximum off-road oriented, which has all chances to become a competitor of Ford Ranger Raptor.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

The HiLux Rogue is available exclusively with a 4-door cab and optional all-wheel drive.

To make the pickup has no problems in off-road conditions, its track was widened by 140 mm, and ground clearance was increased by another 20 mm.

It was necessary to increase the length of the front suspension arms and anti-roll bar.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

The rear axle length was also increased, and the shock absorbers were moved closer to the wheels. In addition, only the Rogue version uses a rear stabilizer bar, which improves cornering stability of the large pickup.

The updates don’t end there, as ventilated rear disc brakes replaced the drum brakes.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

Front brake discs were increased by one inch. In the aggregate, it has a better effect on braking efficiency.

Additional features include larger wheel arch extensions and rubber mudguards, which are essential for the HiLux as its track width has been widened.

The Hilux is likely to retain the same 2.8-liter turbodiesel that produces up to 204 horsepower.

Toyota HiLux 2023.

It’s supplemented by a 6-speed automatic by default. To adapt to a wider track, Toyota engineers increased the front suspension arms, lengthened the rear axle and located shock absorbers closer to the wheels.

At the same time, the roll rigidity was increased by 20%. As a result, these changes have improved the car’s handling when cornering and changing lanes.

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