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Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

The new Changan Auchan Z6 caused a stir in the market: more than 22,000 cars were bought in 10 days.

One of the «hottest» new products on the Chinese market was the crossover Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

Back on July 7, the first batch of 10,000 trucks rolled off the assembly line of the company from China.

In this case, the total preorder for this period exceeded 22 thousand vehicles.

The new Auchan Z6 is presented on the local market with seven options. The price for the Chinese model ranges from 99,900 to 175,800 yuan, which at the current exchange rate is equivalent to 860,000 to 1,518,000 rubles.

Both the fuel and hybrid versions of the crossover are available to buyers. The first one is estimated by the manufacturer at 99,900 to 129,900 yuan, or 860,000 to 1,122,000 rubles.

Buyers will have to pay 155,800 — 175,800 yuan or 1.34 — 1.5 million rubles for the hybrid modification iDD with plug-in module.

The new Changan Z6 2022 is in high demand on the home market due to the combination of an affordable price, a wide range of engines, technological equipment, comfortable interior and, of course, an attractive appearance.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

The exterior of the model is made in a family design with the use of clear and sharp lines.

The front grille is set in the form of «hourglass», at the edges of which are placed very narrow LED headlights.

On the side, the car takes the style of a coupe-crossover thanks to the descending to the stern roof line.

In addition, it is worth noting the installation of the original light-alloy wheels.

Rear part of the parkette is equipped with separate lights, and in the bumper is built at once four round exhaust pipes, bifurcated in pairs on the sides.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

Length of the crossover is 4,699 mm, width — 1890 mm, and height — 1680 mm. Distance between the axles reached the mark of 2795 mm.

In the cabin of «Chinese» three displays are installed at once. One of them has a diagonal of 10.3 inches and plays the role of a digital «dashboard».

Next to it, there is a 12.3-inch multimedia touchpad. Another 9.2-inch monitor is installed above it.

All three screens can interact with each other.

The list of equipment available to the new Changan Auchan Z6 2022 includes: voice control, facial recognition, driver monitoring, seats with memory function, 12 different assistance systems and so on.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

As already mentioned, the new Changan Z6 2022 is equipped with several powertrains.

The role of the base plays a 1.5-liter supercharged engine with direct injection, which generates 188 horsepower and 300 N*m of traction.

It works together with the 7-inch robotized gearbox with double clutch.

In such version the cross-country vehicle accelerates up to «hundred» in 7,8 seconds, spending 6,5 liters of fuel per 100 km.

As an alternative, buyers are offered a hybrid system iDD, which is based on a 165-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter engine.

Changan Auchan Z6 2022.

The electric motor produces 160 hp and 330 N*m. The capacity of the battery present in the system is equal to 28.4 kWh.

On pure electric power the range of the Parkett reaches 150 km.

Separately we should say that the Chinese novelty has already managed to pass a comprehensive test-drive, so experts were able to identify its main pros and cons.

One of the main advantages of the crossover they named interior design, which should please young drivers.

At the same time the interior materials exude a distinct smell of plastic. The experts have named this disadvantage as the main in the model.

Moreover, the sound insulation of the cabin causes criticism. This is caused by the use of cheap plastic.

There is a feeling that the manufacturer was more concerned to stuff it with different equipment.

Therefore, he simply had no money for qualitative materials.

One more disadvantage — a 7-speed «robot» installed together with a petrol turbo engine slows down a little when switching from 2 to 3 gears.


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