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Audi Q5 2021.

Audi Q5 2021.

Audi Q5 2021.

Audi Q5 2021: stylish and functional compact crossover.
The German brand Audi has not pleased fans with small crossovers for a long time. A few months ago, this annoying oversight was corrected, and the restyled of the compact crossover of the Ku series was shown to the world.

The novelty has become even brighter, more comfortable inside and has got power units with improved characteristics.

The car has clearly formed its own style, which will make the Audi Q5 2021 visible on the road and expand the consumer audience.


Judging by the photo, the car has grown a little compared to its predecessor, and also began to look a little more brutal thanks to the combination of well-proven elements with completely new ones, forming a unique style of the car.

Such innovations include lighting technology, relief and some decorative elements, the arrangement of which on the body has become a little more orderly.

The most striking part of the new model is her face. It is set high and wide, but, as before, it does not differ much in length.

Beneath a large, heavily sloped windshield sits a rounded bonnet with longitudinal double stripes on the sides.

Audi Q5 2021.

They lead the eye to brand new LED headlamps with a quadrangle shape, divided into several distinct segments.

A wide and high hexagonal radiator grill is freely located between the headlights. It has a massive chrome frame and a pattern of thin horizontal stripes.

At the top of this element is the Audi icon, and at the bottom is the area under the license plate.

Then the body kit begins, which on the Audi Ku5 2021 includes several aerodynamic transitions, recesses with slots along the edges, where fog lights are embedded, as well as quite powerful protection along the entire lower edge.

The profile of the new body looks very compact, but exquisite thanks to the large number of decorations.

They start as chrome roof rails on a sloping, short roofline and continue with a compact teardrop-shaped window line.

It has chrome piping and wide black-gloss struts. Below, the body widens noticeably, passing into numerous embossed protrusions and recesses and ending with circular wheel arches with huge discs inside, as well as an expanded, pretty skirt.

The look is complemented by large rounded mirrors with turn signal repeaters in any configuration, as well as «branded» handles in the style of Audi.

Audi Q5 2021.

The feed of the car is made in a typical crossover format. Its narrow upper part begins with a thin but wide visor covering a rounded small glass.

Beneath it are large, horizontally oriented side lights, also segmented by LED strips. Then comes the embossed boot lid with a lot of nameplates.

Quite a lot of interesting details are located on the impressive body kit: thin strips of additional optics along the edges, a stylish, thin diffuser covered with a mesh in the middle, as well as aerodynamic transitions throughout the area.


Inside the novelty, everything is very decorous, solid and expensive. The materials for the new 2021 Audi Q5 include high-quality fabrics, leather, plastic and metal inserts.

A multimedia system, a large number of «smart» driver assistants and very comfortable seats will make any trip easy and enjoyable.

Control and management bodies

The massive T-shaped center console consists of several tiers. Upstairs, next to the widescreen stylish touchscreen, is the duct strip.

Slightly lower, a little closer to the driver, are located: a unit for working with an air conditioner, several buttons for adjusting the light and setting some auxiliary options.

And already at the transition to the tunnel, you can find a recess for wireless charging of gadgets and connecting external storage media to the car.

Audi Q5 2021.

The tunnel itself, wide and imposing, begins with another small touchscreen, which turns into a technical unit with a gear selector at the head.

Then there is a spacious luggage compartment, covered with a curtain, and everything ends with an armrest, in which there is another, this time cooled, glove compartment.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car will be able to accommodate five people at the same time, and everyone will have access to a seat upholstered in good-quality leather, inside of which there will be a very soft filler.

The driver and front passenger will be able to boast excellent lateral support, electrical adjustments and heating, even in the simplest version.

Those who sit in the back will have access to a folding armrest, an autonomous climate system, and the ability to slightly change the angle of the backrest.

The trunk of the car has slightly increased in volume and is now able to accommodate a little more than 600 liters of luggage in the stowed position.


Russian buyers of the Audi Q5 2021 will be able to count on a two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a return of 249 «horses».

In Europe, you can also purchase a 2-liter diesel version of the car, capable of showing from 150 to 190 forces, as well as a three-liter giant producing 285 hp.

Audi Q5 2021.

The car will be equipped with a seven-speed robot and an all-wheel drive system.

As the test drive showed, the car is good for its multitasking: it can cope with most road situations both in the city and on the highway and even light off-road.

Options and prices

The starting price of new items will come close to the mark of 3.4 million rubles. The most expensive configurations will cost the buyer about 300 thousand more.

Competing models

Among the main competitors are BMW X3, Mercedes GLA, Lexus NH 300, as well as Volkswagen Tiguan and Skoda Kodiak.

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