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Buick Century 2023.

Buick Century 2023.

Buick Century 2023.

The new Buick Century is introduced: now it is a minivan.

The reborn Buick Century is a large and luxurious minivan that has become the flagship of the company’s Chinese lineup.

Five months ago, this car was announced under the dual name Buick GL8 Century, and the production car ended up being distanced from the GL8 minivans of previous generations, which recently underwent a restyling and remained in the lineup for a few more years.

Compared to the third-generation GL8 model, the wheelbase is increased from 3088 mm to 3130 mm, length from 5188 mm to 5230 mm, and the biggest increase is in width: from 1878 mm to 1980 mm.

The height of the minivan is 1867 mm. Openings of sliding rear doors are increased. But the platform with rear independent suspension and springs in the circle remained the same and undergone only necessary modifications.

Panels with two screens appeared in GL8 model of the third generation, but the Century evolution of interior is continued.

There is no separate remote control for climate control anymore: there are some «hot» keys on the front panel, but the full control is integrated into the media system.

Buick Century 2023.

Transmission control is now placed on the right paddle lever, and electric seat controls are located on the doors.

As a flagship, the Buick Century debuted only in the wealthiest versions called the Avenir.

Even in the entry-level six-seat version (with three rows), this minivan has Nappa leather upholstery, a Bose audio system with active noise cancellation and a panoramic roof.

Buick Century 2023.

On the second row there are seats with electric adjustment of 14 parameters, heating and ventilation: there are sensor panels built in armrests to control this stuff.

The third row is also with separate seats and individual armrests. The trunk volume is from 612 to 1850 liters.

At the top of the range is executive VIP-version with four seats and two-color body.

Buick Century 2023.

Rear compartment is separated from the cabin by a blank partition, which includes a 32-inch TV set, video cameras for conferences and refrigerator with a capacity of 13 liters.

Shifted back luxurious seats can be adjusted by 18 parameters, there is a vibromassage, and between them on the console there is an eight-inch touch screen.

Instead of a panoramic roof there is a ceiling with «starry sky» (528 LEDs).

Buick Century 2023.


The optional power unit of Century is the same as in GL8 models. This is a two-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (237 hp, 350 Nm) with 48-volt starter-generator and a nine-speed «automatic».

Front-wheel drive only. Full hybrid or electric versions are not even in the plans. And also Buick Century has eCruise Pro system, that is quasi-autopilot of the second level.

On Chinese market, the new Century Avenir will appear before the end of the year. The six-seat minivan will cost $72,000, and $83,000 for the four-seat model, versus $78,000 for a similar VIP version of the GL8.

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