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Honda Advance 2020 2021.

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

Not so often do any cars radically change their essence. This was the case, for example, with the Mitsubishi Galant, which has evolved from a sports sedan into an ordinary business car.

But for the model to change not only the positioning, but also get a new body — this is an extremely rare phenomenon. Thus, the Honda Avanceir model was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2020.

The start of car sales is scheduled for the end of 2020-beginning of 2021.

In fact, the Honda Advance is a brand new full-size crossover from the company, along with models such as the CR-V, HR-V or Pilot. The car got its name thanks to the French word Avance — progressive.

This is how its manufacturer positions it. But the interesting fact is that in the period from 1999 to 2003, a model of the same name was already being produced on the domestic Japanese market.

Unfortunately, that Honda Avansir did not gain much popularity and even timely restyling could not improve the situation. However, that car was a station wagon with a small ground clearance, equipped with a towbar and right-hand drive.

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

So the comparison is hardly appropriate here — it is more like the namesake of the Honda Advance 2020 of 2021, than its predecessor.

In the era of the dominance of crossovers, which each manufacturer has a whole arsenal, any company seeks to endow its cars with some exclusive and memorable features.

Honda has almost no problems with this. First of all, it concerns the exterior. It is noteworthy that the serial variation of the car looks no worse than the prototype, and in some places even better.

The very impressive model looks quite stylish and dynamic. Power, strength, confidence are felt in every line of Honda Avansir, as shown in the photo. Spectacular radiator grille with a cellular structure, separated by a huge metal crossbar at the top, textured bumper with integrated fog lights, equipped with LED lamps and protection at the bottom, a wide relief hood.

The head optics of Honda Avansir look especially stylish with LED lamps that confidently fight twilight.

The Honda Advance 2020 2020 profile also deserves flattering reviews. The car looks quite dynamic due to the noticeably sloping front struts, powerful wheel arches with square openings, which housed 19-inch wheels and powerful doors with a high window line.

The rear of the car looks nice due to the figured brake lights, interconnected by a chrome insert, a neat spoiler over the fifth door and a spectacular exhaust system with two trapezoidal nozzles built into the rear bumper. Among other things, there is a wide range of body colors.


• length — 4816 mm .;
• width — 1942 mm .;
• height — 1669 mm .;
• trunk volume — 650 liters;
• ground clearance — 220 mm;
• volume of a tank — 70 l .;

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

The interior of the Honda Avansir 2020 2021 is made at the highest level. And it concerns not only design or quality of materials, but also carefully thought-out ergonomics.

The list of possible design options is very wide. The interior of the Honda Avancier features soft plastic, leather, aluminum and wooden inserts.

And in the basic complete set the list of the standard equipment makes the multipurpose steering wheel with leather finishing, 6 airbags, adaptive cruise control, multimedia system and the built-in navigation.

For an additional price you can get a Honda Avansir 2020 2021 with a panoramic roof, three-zone climate control, two additional cushions, a lot of accessories and additional auxiliary systems.

Thanks to the solid size of the car and the well-calculated interior of the Honda Avansir, drivers up to 195 cm will be able to fit in the front seat of the model. The review around the Honda Avantseer 2020 2021 is helped by large mirrors and a rear view camera displayed on the LCD screen on the center console.

There is enough space in the rear seats of the Honda Avansir for three passengers of medium build. And if a person is two and the central armrest is unfolded, then you can achieve maximum comfort thanks to additional curtains on the windows, well-profiled chairs, excellent sound insulation and a wonderful audio system with 12 speakers.

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

It is still unknown when the Honda Avantseer 2020 2021 will appear in Russia, and whether it will be released at all. But in the Chinese market, which is initially focused on the model, there are several options for engines.

The first is a well-known, collected a lot of positive feedback from owners and experts, atmospheric gasoline unit with a capacity of 2.4 liters. The tested engine was tuned, conjuring with the gas distribution phases and improving its characteristics.

It will be equipped with the company’s V-TEC system, and can also be paired with a 6-speed manual or the latest 9-range automatic with several presets (Sport, Comfort, Normal) and the ability to manually shift gears.

And at the top of the line will be a 2-liter turbocharged engine producing 272 hp, with a torque of about 370 n / m. However, in this case, the price of the Honda Avansir 2020 2021 will increase significantly.

Although, most likely, such expenses are quite justified. After all, the engine is notable for being equipped with a low-inertia turbine and an electric bypass valve.

Such solutions helped to achieve excellent results, while reducing fuel consumption and at the same time without sacrificing engine mileage.

Both Honda Avancier engines are paired with the company’s intelligent all-wheel drive system. Among the latest news — there are rumors about the possible presentation of the diesel and variator as a gearbox.

In motion, the Honda Avancier 2020 2021 is a perfectly balanced car.

Acceleration of the car with the turbocharged engine is very dynamic, especially after the turbine will come into its own, after 4 thousand. revs (see video test drive). The 9-range automatic briskly shifts gears, carrying out almost continuous transmission of a stream of power to wheels.

The suspension is quite energy-intensive and confidently swallows the joints and bumps of the road surface.

There are no complaints about the quality of the assembly. I must say that on the test samples of the Honda Avancier 2020 2021 there was a problem when the backlight of the dashboard disappeared spontaneously, and the warning label began to flash on the central monitor.

However, engineers and designers quickly dealt with this problem, eliminating all the faults in the brain, wiring, as well as the electrical circuit.

Honda Advance 2020 2021.

Where to buy this model? At the moment, the Honda Avancier is produced exclusively for the Chinese market. There is still no specific answer as to when exactly the start of sales of Honda Avancier in Russia will be announced.

In the Chinese market, the cost of the base car, which includes a set of security systems Sensing (includes a system for recognizing road signs and pedestrians on the highway, the function of automatic emergency braking, as well as adaptive cruise control), multimedia system and leather interior, starts from 250 thousand. yuan or 28 thousand. cu It is logical that when entering the domestic market, it is worth focusing on these amounts.

It turns out that you can buy a Honda Avancier 2020 in Russia for about 2.4 million rubles for the base version.

Among the competitors of the Honda Avancier are models such as: Toyota Highlander, Nissan Murano, Ford Explorer, Ford Edge, Infiniti QX 60. And fans of the Honda brand may prefer luxury variations of the CR-V or the flagship of the off-road Pilot.

Given how much these models cost, their price in Russia is comparable. In the competition Honda Avancier 2020 is going to win due to the following advantages: the highest build quality; not the worst off-road qualities; stylish appearance; wonderful interior; wide list of options; high level of provided comfort.

Disadvantages of Honda Avancier: the model is not officially presented on the domestic market; a lot of competitors of other brands; currently absent in the line of diesel engines; certain insufficient maneuverability when passing fast turns.

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