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Honda Breeze 2020.

Honda Breeze 2020..

Honda Breeze 2020.

Honda Breeze 2020 — the new SUV or clone of the Honda CR-V.
In recent years, Chinese motorists receive more and more «nishtyak» from many world manufacturers. It seems that for famous brands, the Chinese market has become a priority. This is again evidenced by the new Honda Breeze model, presented at the 2019-2020 exhibition of new products.

In fact, with Chinese production is not so simple. Although the name Breeze is completely new in the Honda model range, in reality it is the same Honda CR-V, but only in technical terms, but the design for the SUV was really created from scratch, moreover, the Chinese branch of the Japanese – GAC.

Honda Breeze 2020..


As already clear, the technical stuffing of the new crossover fully coincides with the CR-V coming out in Russia in 2020. In the basic configuration, the power unit will be represented by a 1.5-liter engine with 193 hp turbine support. and 243 Hm of torque.

For the transmission, Chinese citizens will receive only CVT options, while both robot and mechanics are available to Russians buying CR-Vs.

But the advanced version will please the hybrid installation. In general, it is worth noting that Honda has recently been trying to keep up with the trends and is increasingly being introduced into the electric market. The result of Japanese development was an electric motor with 184 horsepower.

Honda Breeze 2020..

A couple of him was a two-liter gasoline engine for 145 horses, so the total power of the Honda Breeze hybrid was 215 hp. and 315 Nm. The consumption of such a pair was 4.9 liters per hundred.

It is noteworthy that in the hybrid model the transmission has no transmission at all, because, like the direct donor, all thrust is carried out by the electric motor, and the internal combustion engine plays the role of a generator to charge the battery.

It is noted that with a successful start of sales, two more configurations will come to the assembly, one will simply get a more powerful engine, and the second one will have another hybrid with a more powerful electric motor.

The rest of the innovation decided to stop. The filling is quite standard — multimedia, climate and cruise control, parking sensors, 360-degree viewing cameras, a multifunctional electric steering wheel and a proprietary safety package that had not previously been installed only in expensive trim levels.

Honda Breeze 2020..


If the technology has already been shown, it was told at the presentation of CR-V. That appearance is completely unique even for the segment of SUVs, which in recent years have become somewhat faceless. Honda Breeze turned out to be rather cumbersome, with everything in its place. Although the rear dimensions are a pretty controversial decision.

The front end meets a massive chrome molding which ideally emphasizes a very interesting pattern of narrow optics with multi-point diodes. In the middle of the molding, a company badge flaunts, and unusually little space is reserved for the grille. But this business more than compensates for the high bumper diffuser. Fogs hid behind smaller diffuser bars.

Quite interesting proportions open to the side. Very low roof, on the contrary too high. Plus huge arches and the same huge wheels. Door glass around the perimeter is framed by a chrome strip.

The most interesting part of the Honda Breeze was feed. Basically, of course, because of the controversial rear dimensions. For many customers, they will certainly seem at least strange. Although the Chinese with their deviation in strangeness may well come.

Plus you can see a rather large fifth door, which opens almost to the bumper. By the way, the “oddity” of dimensions was transmitted to the door, because because of their striking door design, a convex rib along the entire width was transmitted.

Honda Breeze 2020..

Although the platform is the same, the body size is slightly increased:
length — 4634,
width — 1855,
height — 1679 mm.
Between the axes the distance is the same — 2660 mm.


But at the Breeze salon, the Japanese tinkered with and almost completely repeated the interior of the donor. The only thing, thanks to the higher price tag, was added a virtual dashboard, a different shape and more expensive upholstery.

Wireless charging, a pair of USB charging sockets and a pair of massive cup holders also migrated here.
Also arranged on the connector on the door cards for rear passengers. The rest did not bother.

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