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Honda BR-V 2021.

Honda BR-V 2021.

Honda BR-V 2021.

Honda BR-V 2021: stylish and practical crossover for every day.
Last year, the Japanese concern Honda organized the premiere of the post-reform version of the mid-size crossover Honda BR-V 2021.

The new model already put on the conveyor is focused on the Middle East and Asian markets, the adapted modifications will claim global status.

The design of the new Honda of 2021 model shows similarities with the prototype of the Honda Mobilio series. In the foreseeable future, the new semi-sports equipment will also be available with a seven-seat layout.


Restyling practically did not affect the appearance of the car. Decorated in the traditional corporate style, the new body looks sporty, dynamic and a little aggressive.

Honda BR-V 2021.

The structural and design features of the new items: modified optics, curly body kits and a large number of details of the sports body relief.

The front design is the most striking and expressive. In sight:

• stepped profiles and a gentle slope of the elongated hood;

• plastic trapezoid of the radiator grill, supplemented by a massive chrome trim;

• angular configuration of xenon or LED front optics, top-end configuration.

No less dynamic design of the lower segment of the front end. Attention is drawn to the large format of the ribbed protruding bumper. It includes: a ventilation air intake, diffusers for cooling the brakes of the front wheelset and classic round fog lamps.

Part of the decorating functions is assigned to the silver protective panel of the plastic body kit and details of the stepped relief.

In the photo in a profile projection, the Honda BR-V 2021 demonstrates a typical crossover layout for this category with a sloping roof, an inclined front end and a vertical cut of the stern, supplemented with rails and a spoiler.

A characteristic feature of the side design is the black plastic of the window perimeter and the broken line of the window sill ascending to the stern, a large number of ribbed body relief, silver sills and the original design of 16-inch wheels.

Honda BR-V 2021.

The status of the model with improved off-road characteristics is confirmed by the presence of a protective plastic skirt for the lower perimeter of the body, high ground clearance and voluminous wheel arches.

The design of the aft part does not cause any special emotions. The next generation crossover demonstrates:

• the classic combination of sloped glazing with a spoiler lip;

• massive multifunctional lights connected with a red LED jumper;

• decorative strip, branding and nameplates for the tailgate.

In the basic construction of the metal-plastic body kit, there is a set of fog lamps. The tailpipe is located under the boot floor. According to experts, the new generation crossover looks very worthy against the background of more famous and expensive European counterparts.


The interior decoration of the cabin does not pretend to be a premium level; nevertheless, the complete set of onboard equipment, as well as the quality of finishing materials, meet the highest European standards.

Honda BR-V 2021.

The multifunctional steering wheel, supplemented by blocks of command buttons, provides an excellent overview of the instrument cluster with three analogue dials and an informative display of the on-board computer. The central three-story console includes:

• block of ventilation ducts;

• compact format of the media command monitor;

• a panel with elements for switching on and configuring technical and electronic equipment.

The complete set of the small-sized tunnel contains gearbox and parking brake control knobs, as well as a nominal set of organizers.

In the basic five-seater version of the crossover, the most comfortable and serviced first row seats. In the presence of lateral and lumbar support, a typical set of adjustments and a heating system.

The comfort of the rear sofa for three seats provides for a change in the angle of the backrest and the possibility of transforming the center seat into an armrest.

Third-row seats will be available in the list of paid options. The more than modest volume of the 223-liter trunk can be increased to 539 liters by folding the partial dismantling of the rear seats.


The external dimensions of the new Honda BR-V series in proportional parameters 4453×1735 and 1666 mm are copied from its predecessor without changes.

The crossover is based on the driving and operational characteristics of a front-wheel drive platform of the same type as the Mobilio compact van with a comfortable MacPherson and torsion bar suspension.

The advantages of the chassis include a 2655 mm wheelbase, off-road, over 200 mm, ground clearance, a set of stabilizers, disc and drum brakes, as well as passive and active road safety systems.

The new generation Honda BR-V 2021 is driven by an uncontested tandem of a 1.5-liter petrol engine with an output of 117 hp / 146 Nm peak torque and a front-wheel drive six-speed manual transmission.

Honda BR-V 2021.

In the top modification, a continuously variable automatic transmission CVT is promised. The test drive of the new model range is nearing completion, its results will be available after processing all the data.

Options and prices

In ruble terms, the nominal price of a crossover with a five-seater saloon starts at 1,000,000 units of the Russian currency. The cost of the model with a seven-seat layout and an automatic power transmission is 95 thousand more.

Competing models

The status of real competitors can be claimed by similar developments of European and Asian brands in the price range of up to 1 million rubles. These are models like Ford EcoSport, Haima 7, Landwind X5, Nissan Terrano and a new modification of Hyundai Creta.

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