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Kia K9 2021.

Kia K9 2021.

Kia K9 2021.

Kia K9 2021: premium executive sedan.
The Korean company Kia Motors is successfully mastering the production of premium cars and a full modernization of the most demanded models of the previous years.

In the achievements of 2020 — a thorough restyling of the sedan, which will enter the world market under the name Kia K9 2021.

Developed on the theoretical and practical basis of the predecessor of the Quoris series, the new premium model features increased body dimensions, a comfortable cabin interior and modern traction and speed parameters of the engine range.

The branded «nine» of the 2021 model, modernized in many respects, also promises expanded functionality of standard and special options, increased road safety standards.


In the corporate sedan style of the Kia K9 2021, recognizable features of the body layout of the fastback series are visible.

On advertising posters and photos, the new generation car looks stylish, solid and elegant. In the design features of the front side of the case:

• dynamic sporty inclination of the panoramic windscreen;

• stepped side and center reliefs of a slightly sloping bonnet;

• corporate configuration of a large-format radiator cladding decorated with a silver frame;

• two-story arrangement of high-power LED optics units.

Kia K9 2021.

On this, the external similarity of the front end with the Mercedes of the S series ends. The design of the lower part of the front end, complete with air intakes and decorative inserts, is the work of branded specialists.

In the lateral projection, business style, typical for European representative models, prevails. In the field of view — an elongated front, a gentle slope of the domed roof and a vertical cut of the stern of the body.

Entourage forms:

• contrasting, tonal-light combination of chrome-plated perimeter and black pillars of side windows;

• stylish oval mirrors and compact door handles partially recessed into the body;

• ideal circumference of wheel arches;

• decorative and protective sill plate and complex, five-leaf pattern of 28-inch alloy wheels.

When viewed from the rear, the new body of the Kia K9 sedan 2021 is identified by a spoiler lip and a compact format of the luggage compartment lid, a diagonal diamond shape of the taillights, and a decorative silver bumper strip.

Kia K9 2021.

The plastic body kit includes a shaped protective panel and trapezoidal exhaust pipes placed on both sidewalls.

According to the conclusion of the participants of the first presentation and subsequent annual auto shows, in its category, the Kia K9 version of 2021 has every reason to receive the honorary status of «car of the year».


The interior is made using premium materials, genuine leather, precious woods and decorative inserts from polished aluminum.

The front panel includes a multi-mode digital imitation of a combined instrument panel with arrow indicators and an informative computer monitor.

The four-spoke steering wheel, trimmed with special leather, is complemented by two blocks of command buttons.

• The center console is crowned with a widescreen tablet that combines media and command functions.

In the central part of the dashboard, there is a block of ventilation ducts supplemented with an analog clock, the lower console with analog switches is responsible for activating and setting the onboard options.

Kia K9 2021.

• The construction of a wide low tunnel offers: a well for small travel items with several ports for connecting external digital gadgets, a compact joystick for automatic transmission, an extended set of organizers that form comfort and a volume of a mini-refrigerator located under the armrest.

The premium level of the sedan corresponds to the comfort and service of the seats. The assets of the well-profiled front seats have lateral support, several positions of the working adjusting ranges that are fixed in the memory, the top version promises a vibration massage that works in several modes.

The riders of the three-seater sofa will have access to the functions of reclining the back, viewing video using tablets integrated into the front headrests, adjusting the individual microclimate and a number of other useful options.

The body structure of the 2021 executive sedan does not provide for an increase in the 470-liter trunk due to the partial or complete transformation of the second-row seats.


The increased external dimensions of the novelty are realized in harmonious and proportional relations: 5120×1915 and 1505 mm.

Stable running characteristics are provided by a combination of the center base extended up to 3105 mm and the standard sedan clearance with a height of 150 mm.

In the new edition, the modernized «nine» can offer several suspension options, rear- or all-wheel drive chassis with a full set of stabilizers, electronic assistants and effective safety systems.

Depending on the modification, the new Kia K9 2021 model year will receive power units of different power, working in tandem with an uncontested 8-band automatic.

• ICE parameters of the base model — 3.3 l / 249 hp / 347 Nm of torque, acceleration dynamics — 8.4 seconds, fuel consumption — 10, 5 liters for every hundred run.

• A test drive of the top 5-liter «eight» with an output of 413 hp / 505 Nm showed the dynamics of acceleration to 100 km / h — 5.2 seconds and fuel consumption at the level of 12.3 liters.

Kia K9 2021.

Options and prices

The novelty of the model range is announced in four main modifications. The price of the base model Lux starts at 3.5 million, the cost of the most expensive Premium version is a little more than five million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

Presumably, the release date in Russia scheduled for the middle of the summer season will be adjusted to a later time.

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