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Nissan Tiida 2021.

Nissan Tiida 2021.

Nissan Tiida 2021.

Nissan Tiida 2021: modern urban public sector hatchback.
The range of Nissan branded budget cars was supplemented by the second generation of the Nissan Tiida 2021 hatchback, which is popular in Russia.

The first restyling introduced a number of bold engineering and design solutions to the car’s structure.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to consider the new model as an independent project, since the external appearance and basic technical characteristics are copied from the Pulsar hatchback of the same type, and the interior design elements of the Sentra sedan are visible.

Affordable and low-cost in everyday use, the novelty is of interest to drivers of different age categories.


Externally, the new urban hatch model demonstrates a harmonious combination of traditional corporate identity and dynamic sports style. In the photo from the front, the new body attracts attention:

• excellent front end aerodynamics;

• gentle angles of inclination of the windshield and decorated with ribbed side profiles of the hood;

• a compact format of a plastic radiator grille decorated with a brand logo and a figured chrome trim;

• C-shaped DRL multi-element xenon or LED, in top modifications, front optics.

Nissan Tiida 2021.

The lower segment of the front end is designed in the best European traditions. In the presence of a slightly protruding bumper with rounded sides, a black plastic trapezoid of the lower air intake and a set of fog lights integrated into the diffusers.

The dynamic silhouette of the 2021 Tiida includes a short sloping bonnet, a sloping roofline sloping towards the stern, a contrasting combination of chrome half-perimeter and a black plastic frame of three-piece glazing.

The lack of reliefs and striking details of the bodywork is compensated by the original design of the mirrors and 16-inch wheels.

The structure of the rear side of the body is decorated with recognizable details of the crossover layout. In stock:

Nissan Tiida 2021.

• traditional spoiler visor;

• steep slope of the rear glazing;

• a compact tailgate decorated with corporate symbols and a silver nameplate;

• original shape and graphics of multifunctional lamps.

The wide massive bumper is equipped with a decorative plastic insert and a small-sized body kit. Elements of ribbed aerodynamic relief are used as decoration.


The test drive showed that the cabin volume of the Nissan Tiida 2021 model is not only stylish, but also roomy and comfortable within its class.

Competent optimization of the cabin equipment has improved ergonomics and increased the amount of personal space for the driver and each of the four passengers.

The modernized hatchback pleasantly surprised the participants of the first presentation with the quality and variety of finishing materials, the functionality of standard and additional comfort-creating systems.

Nissan Tiida 2021.

• The absence of structural elements in the upper segment of the multi-steering wheel, supplemented with blocks of command buttons, opens an overview of the highly informative instrument panel equipped with arrow indicators and optical indicators.

• The block layout of the center console includes a block of ventilation deflectors, a media command display and a control panel for activating the main and secondary options.

• Despite the compact dimensions of the tunnel, it includes a technical segment with a transmission selector, a set of organizers typical for budget models and a well for small-sized luggage closed by a folding armrest.

The seats are comfortable enough and perfectly profiled, but acceptable service is present only in the top versions. In the base, the front seats offer lateral support, seat height adjustment, heating and ventilation circuits.

For riders, the rear three-seater sofa, which is quite spacious and comfortable for long trips, has the ability to change the tilt of the back. The capacity of the 307-liter luggage compartment leaves much to be desired.

The disadvantage compensates for the placement of the spare wheel in the floor recess and the possibility of a threefold increase in the useful volume due to the partial transformation of the sofa back.


The belonging of the new Nissan Tiida to the cars of the «Golf» class is determined by the external dimensions and features of the body layout realized in nominal ratios of 4387 x 1768 and 1533 mm.

The assets of the new model range include: the proprietary platform of the Nissan V-Platform series, 2700 mm wheelbase, combined MacPherson and torsion-bar axle suspension, disc brakes and effective safety systems.

Nissan Tiida 2021.

• The parameters of the uncontested power unit do not cause positive emotions. In different trim levels, this is an HR16DE in-line petrol four with an output of 117 hp / 158Nm, working in tandem with a 5-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable Xtronic CVT.

• The starting and speed characteristics are moderate, the time for changing the first hundred is 10.6 seconds, the maximum speed is 188 km / h, the average fuel consumption at a 100-kilometer distance is 6.4 liters.

In the dynamic traffic flows of modern megacities, low speed gain dynamics can become a serious problem.

Options and prices

In Europe, Nissan Tiida 2021 is promised in seven trim levels, in the Russian market the number of modifications will be reduced to 3-4 versions. The price of the new hatchback, depending on the perfection of the equipment, will vary in the range of 0.9-1.1 million rubles.

Competing models

Due to the increased demand for cars in crossover and hatchback configurations, the new Nissan Tiida 2021 model year will receive more than 30 real competitors.

The leading top positions are occupied by the same type of state employees: Renault Sandero, Skoda Fabia, Hyundai Solaris, KIA Rio and Geely MK Cross.

Domestic counterparts also claim the status of rivals: Lada XCODE, Lada XRAY and Lada Kalina

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