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Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

Lancia showed a new Ypsilon hatchback with a range of up to 403 km on a single charge.

So far, the company has shown an “electric hatch” of the limited edition Cassina; later mass versions with all-electric and mild-hybrid “filling” will appear.

The current hatchback, which is now sold only in Italy, entered the market back in 2011.

Now the company is preparing for a full presentation of the fourth generation Ypsilon: the new product is intended to mark the “renaissance” (as the company called it) of the brand for the large European market.

Next, the brand, owned by the Stellantis concern, intends to release a couple more electric cars, for which the names Aurelia and Delta will be revived.

Let us remind you that the appearance of the next generation Lancia Ypsilon hatchback was declassified in advance during the theft and “drowning” of the prototype of the new product, but the manufacturer, as if nothing had happened, continued to pour out teasers.

Now the model has appeared in a series of new photographs and videos, and this time even in full.

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

So far, the company has shown the Lancia Ypsilon EV limited edition Cassina. It is known that the lot will consist of only 1906 copies, each one will be “numbered”.

The number was not chosen by chance: it is a reference to the year the middle-aged brand was founded.

The exterior of the new generation Lancia Ypsilon can be seen reflecting the features demonstrated by the Pu+Ra HPE concept, which was presented in April last year.

The supermini was equipped with small headlights, as well as unusual running lights made of three thin lines that form a “Y” on the front.

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.


This element is also supported by round lights, inside of which there are horizontally turned “games” (they, by the way, are a reference to the Lancia Stratos).

On the black insert on the edge of the hood, as well as on a similar element on the tailgate, you can see the brand name written in large font; it is also this, and not the usual logo, that was placed in the cabin on the steering wheel.

A pair of displays were placed on the front panel, one of them is a virtual instrument panel, the second is a touchscreen of the new multimedia system S.A.L.A, that is, Sound Air Light Augmentation (in addition, sala means “living room” in Italian).

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

Note that the special version of the Ypsilon Cassina has seats trimmed in velvet, and the round center console, reminiscent of a coffee table, is in matching leather.

Above it you can see a row of physical buttons for controlling the “climate”.

It is known that the next Ypsilon hatchback is based on the French modular platform CMP, which makes the small five-door similar to the current Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208 compacts.

It is expected that the new product will share the technology with them, while there is practically no official data on the “filling” yet.

Lancia Ypsilon EV 2024.

The Ypsilon Cassina shown today is an electric car; its range on a single charge, according to Lancia, is 403 km (calculated using the WLTP cycle).

The company noted that later mass versions of the new generation Lancia Ypsilon with all-electric “filling”, as well as with hybrid installations, will be presented.

The official presentation of the model will take place on February 14 in Milan. On the same day, dealers will begin accepting orders for the special version of Cassina.


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