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Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

The new Neta S Yaoshi electric sedan with free charging and a powerful motor has gone on sale.

We are talking about a special modification — the car of the concern Hozon Auto has already gone on sale.

If we talk about the history of the Neta brand, Hozon Auto launched it four years ago.

And during that time, a huge step forward has been made. At the moment there are V Pro and U Pro models in the company’s lineup.

According to the portal «Chinese Cars», the company Neta offers its customers very interesting conditions — when you buy a car you can get either free charging at home or 1000-2000 kWh/year at the brand’s branded stations.

Note that the Neta S is a large sedan with a length of 4,980 mm. Even more striking is the width — 1,980 mm, and the distance between the axles is a little less than 3 meters — 2,980 mm.

The company also worked on the resistance — the coefficient was 0.216 Cd, which is close to the best in the world.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

As for the exterior, we should mention the doors that open in the style of Lamborghini cars, narrowed headlights and sloping hood.

There is a large spoiler and LED headlights across the whole width.

The interior of the vehicle received three screens at once. Virtual «instrument panel» has a diagonal of 13.3 inches, the front passenger has a screen with a diagonal of 12.3 inches.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

A highlight of the interior is rightly the head unit — its diagonal size reaches 17.6 inches, and it gets 2K resolution.

Additionally, you can deploy the projection screen on the windshield.

For the sound is responsible for 21 speakers at once — not every premium car can boast such a thing.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

There is also a branded autopilot called S, but not all of its functionality is available yet.

Due to the flexible and modern Shanghai platform, different engines and drive types can be used.

The engine can be either an EREV hybrid or all-electric.

Neta S Yaoshi 2023.

And the drive can be front, rear or four-wheel drive. At the moment you can buy only the special version S Yaoshi, which has an all-electric engine with 462 hp.

The first 100 km/h this electric car picks up in 3.9 seconds. Maximum speed can reach 170 km/h, which is pretty good for an electric car.

Cruise range reaches 650 km, and later there will be a rear-drive version with a range of 715 km.

The hybrid version will be able to cover 1,100 km, and 200 km only on electricity.

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