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Nissan Frontier 2021.

Nissan Frontier 2021.

Nissan Frontier 2021.

Nissan Frontier 2021: Japanese budget pickup variant.
After a long break, Nissan has successfully implemented the restyling of the Frontier pickup adapted for the American market.

In the new version of the Nissan Frontier 2021 model, the modernization affected the updating of the body design, improving the parameters of the revised chassis and increasing the comfort of the cabin interior.

In the complete set of onboard electronics and traction and speed characteristics, changes are minimal. The new pickup model is announced in several sizes, with four or five-seater salons, basic rear and top-end all-wheel drive.


The novelty of the lineup differs from the predecessor of the 2004 model with new panels, a modified front end design, and the absence of elements of a brutal-aggressive style typical for American counterparts.

The most stylish and expressive new body of a pickup truck looks at the photos and videos from the front view. Attention is drawn to:

Nissan Frontier 2021.

• practically flat bonnet decorated with longitudinal ribbed profiles and a relief inscription «Frontier»;

• four-section blocks of LED headlights equipped with bright strokes of running lights;

• coarse-mesh grille enclosed in a rectangular perimeter of the radiator cladding.

In the layout and design features of the front end — rounded bumper sidewalls equipped with horizontal sidelights, a stepped profile of the protective panel with two ventilation air intake windows and a pair of fog lampshades.

The decorative functionality is assigned to the brand logo and a variety of elements of the ribbed-wave body relief.

In the design of the sidewalls of the new Nissan Frontier pickup, model 2021, traditional layout solutions are used. In sight:

• flat surface of the roof and extended front end;

• standard geometry and plastic trim for two-section glazing;

• massive mirrors and a longitudinal ribbed profile visually connecting the rectangular-rounded wheel arches.

Nissan Frontier 2021.

The presence of the off-road potential of the pickup is confirmed by the large diameter of the discs, the height of the ground clearance and the presence of a protective and decorative plastic skirt on the lower perimeter of the body.

There is nothing new and original about the practical and functional rear side of the body. Available: a tailgate decorated with corporate identity, interesting graphics of three-tiered lights, a curly plastic insert with a niche for the registration plate of a massive protruding bumper.

Refinement of the appearance of the novelty and increase in road comfort are realized due to a large number of paid options of the Nismo brand catalog.


The interior design of the cabin is made in accordance with American design standards. Textile or top-end leather trim is complemented by plastic and metallic trim accents.

In order to increase the operational reliability and maintainability of the technical salon equipment, the designers used the advantages of analog control elements. The exception is the touch command-media properties of the 8-inch display built into the console.

According to experts, the interior of the pickup organically combines new layout and ergonomic solutions with the features of an exclusive corporate identity. In stock:

Nissan Frontier 2021.

• embossed rim of the multifunction steering wheel with two blocks of command buttons;

• a typical for European budget counterparts instrument panel with dial gauges and a small-format computer monitor;

• central console with three consoles for activation and setting of components of on-board systems.

The design of the tunnel adjacent to the dashboard includes a compact transmission lever, cup holders, a well for small luggage and a refrigerator located under a wide and soft armrest.

The Nissan Frontier 2021 pickup class assumes a complete set of modern electronics and effective security systems.

Ergonomic and well-profiled first row pilot seats with full lateral support offer a wide range of operational adjustments, heated and ventilated seats.

The service of the rear sofa is limited by the backrest angle and the presence of a folding armrest.


In different modifications of the Nissan Frontier pickup 2021, the body length varies in the range of 5339/5692, and the height is 1821/1839 mm. Width is 1854 mm, platform load capacity is up to 730 kg.

The suspension of the front axle is double-wishbone, the rear is a continuous axle with leaf spring blocks. Among the assets of the new products are vibration reduced by 80 percent, transverse stabilizers modified in terms of efficiency and urethane buffers.

Nissan Frontier 2021.

• Traction, speed and off-road characteristics corresponding to the status of a pickup are realized by a power unit made of a gasoline «six» with an output of 314 hp / 381 Nm and a 9-band automatic transmission.

• Engine power is sufficient to tow a three-ton trailer. All-wheel drive with crawler gears and electronic locking will be available in the top version.

The test drive confirmed the operational parameters specified in the technical description, its results have not yet been published.

Options and prices

The new Nissan Frontier 2021 model year is promised in basic, intermediate and top versions. The price of a pickup in the initial configuration is a little over 20 thousand dollars.

The cost of the rest of the modifications will be announced at the beginning of the spring season.

Competing models

The rivals of the new Nissan Frontier are analogs of the Fiat Fullback, Ford Raptor (F150), Changan Hunter, Foton Tunland, Great Wall Wingle or SsangYong Actyon Sports class, different in cost and equipment.

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