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Opel Grandland X 2021.

Opel Grandland X 2021.

Opel Grandland X 2021.

Opel Grandland X 2021: a promising crossover of a new lineup.
On the European market, the Opel brand crossover range is represented by a new model of a five-door subcompact — Opel Grandland X 2021.

In its current embodiment, the new model is recognizable by the characteristic features of the corporate design; there are also layout solutions from some European counterparts.


The external appearance of the crossover lacks elements of aggression, traditional for modern SUVs; smooth, streamlined body lines demonstrate a combination of functionality, practicality and good aerodynamic performance.

Judging by the large number of positive reviews, the company may be planning a restyling at a later time.


Opel Grandland X 2021. According to the established rules, the brightest and most expressive details of the exterior decor are concentrated on the front of the body.

In the photo in the frontal view, the new Opel Grandland X 2021 demonstrates:

• ribbed reliefs of the hood;

• Trapezoidal blocks of budget xenon optics decorated with energetic strokes of running lights;

• large format radiator cladding decorated with a winged brand logo;

• protruding stepped bumper profile and angular contours of the side diffusers.

In the design features of the lower front end there is a black plastic mesh for the intake of the engine compartment cooling system, classic round anti-fog lampshades and a silvery protective and decorative panel of a small-sized body kit.

From a profile perspective, the new body of the subcompact crossover attracts attention:

• dynamic silhouette of a «floating» roof;

• contrast of the upper chrome-plated semi-perimeter and black plastic trim of two-section glazing;

• embossed sidewalls and roomy wheel arches.

Opel Grandland X 2021.

The off-road status of the novelty confirms the high ground clearance, the overhangs shortened to the nominal value, the massive plastic protection of the lower perimeter of the body and the large diameter of the original two-color wheels.

Elements of the European crossover classics are visible in the design of the stern. In the spotlight:

• massive pillars and reflectors of the spoiler visor;

• oval rear window configuration;

• High tailgate decorated with branding and cross-stepped relief.

The entourage is complemented by modern graphics of combined lamps, a set of nameplates and fog lamps, as well as a figured overlay of a massive plastic body kit.

The crossover does not amaze the imagination with a futuristic body design, on the contrary, it looks modern, stylish, and most importantly — friendly.


The basic design of the roomy five-seat interior is dominated by a combination of dark trim with contrasting chrome accents.

Opel Grandland X 2021.

The design of the multifunction steering wheel, equipped with compact blocks of command buttons, opens an excellent overview of the informative dashboard with arrow indicators and an easy-to-read car computer display.

A set of technical equipment and modern electronic equipment provide decent comfort for long trips, a level of operational safety corresponding to the status.

The basic configuration of the small-sized console includes two ventilation deflectors, an 8-inch media-command touchscreen and several buttons for activating on-board options. The wide and squat tunnel includes:

• technical sector with levers for selecting the operating mode of the transmission and parking brake;

• nominal list of organizers;

• armrest, which simultaneously serves as a cover for a container for personal belongings and small-sized luggage.

Front row riders are provided with AGR certified comfortable seating, complete with lateral bolsters and extended service adjustments.

The sofa, welcoming in all respects, can accommodate three passengers.
The 514-liter luggage compartment of the body, which is not the most roomy in its class, can be increased to 1,652 liters due to the simplified rearrangement of the rear seats.


Already in the first generation, the Opel Grandland X 2021 was adapted to the mounting and design features of the PSA Peugeot Citroen front-wheel drive platform, equipped with:

• combined independent and semi-independent suspension;

• standard set of stabilizers, effective and reliable disc brakes and active safety systems;

• auxiliary five-mode electronic assistant Grip Control.

Opel Grandland X 2021.

The 2021 Grandland X belongs to the compact SUV crossover category. Its dimensions are realized in nominal ratios of 4477 x 1844 and 1636 mm, the length of the center base and the height of the ground clearance are 2675 and 219 mm, respectively.

The founder of the new model range of Opel crossovers is equipped with economical petrol and diesel ICEs with a volume of 1.2-2 liters, with a power output from 130 to 180 hp.

Small cubic power units are equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, more powerful ones — with a 6- and 8-band automated power transmission.

A multidisciplinary independent test drive confirmed that the crossover accelerates from zero to the first hundred in a time of 8.8-12.3 seconds, the upper parameters of the maximum speed are fixed at 185-220 km / h.

Options and prices

For motorists in Europe, the new Opel Grandland X 2021 model year will be offered in four, and for domestic ones — in three modifications.

The preliminary initial price of the model with the standard equipment is positioned from the amount of 1,800,000, and the most advanced top version — from 2,200,000 rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The release date officially confirmed by the manufacturer in Russia is under discussion. The most realistic delivery time is the end of the present or the beginning of the future, 2021.

Competing models

The divisions of many leading car brands specialize in the production of crossovers, so the list of rivals for the new Opel has more than four dozen of the same type of models.

The leading positions are occupied by compact analogues of Volkswagen Tiguan, Chery Tiggo 7, Chevrolet Captiva, BMW X1 and Audi Q2 brands.

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