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Skoda Octavia Scout 2021.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021 — a new station wagon with increased ground clearance.
In the race to create a car for all occasions, the Czechs have now been noted, having presented at the beginning of summer an all-wheel drive elevated station wagon called the Skoda Octavia Scout, created on the basis of the 4th generation of the same liftback.

By the way, this is not the first attempt of the company. We saw a similar model back in 2009 (it was on sale until 2013), but then the market’s demands were somewhat different and there were no big sales.
What good have prepared Skoda for 2021 and at what price, see below.


The raised Combi will not offer anything interesting in terms of technology. It is fully unified with the donor model, even the chassis is completely identical.
The only thing here is a four-wheel drive, which the wagon was not laid on (it will be possible to buy a front-wheel drive model). So all that remains is to remember what good things will be offered by Czechs in the 2020 model range.
The liftback and station wagon are built on the German modular MQB trolley, which now appears in all VW models. Given the affinity of brands, this is not surprising.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021

The platform equipment includes an electric power steering, independent multi-link suspension at the rear and MacPherson struts at the front, a stabilization system on both axles and disc brakes on each wheel.
Interestingly, the Skoda Octavia Scout will receive a similar engine range, as well as relatives. Apparently the Czech capacities are experiencing the best time today, since they can allocate several assembly lines to another model.

Options are as follows:

1.5-liter gasoline engine with a turbocharger mated to a 6-speed manual;

a similar option, but with a robotic DSG and a hybrid add-on (48V starter-generator);

2.0-liter 115 hp turbodiesel paired with similar mechanics (will be offered with front-wheel drive);

2.0-liter turbodiesels for 190 and 200 hp complete with DSG.

Also, do not forget about the presence of two hybrid options for 204 and 245 hp, where on board there is the mentioned 1.5-liter gasoline engine paired with a 6MKPP, an electric motor (power does not open) and a rechargeable battery of 12 kW * h. With this kit, the raised Combi will travel 55 km on one electric traction.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021


Outwardly, knowing an all-terrain wagon is quite easy. Although the body concept itself remained in place, it is extremely difficult not to notice the reinforced plastic body kit with silver pads. The same applies to sills and wheel arches. Plus on the sides you can see additional nameplates “Scout”.

Scout also stands out with a different design and size of alloy wheels. The catalog shows options for Braga and Manaslu 18 and 19 inches, respectively. In terms of dimensions, due to the new plastic protection, the length slightly increased (+25 mm).
Otherwise, Scout is similar to Combi.

By the way, the clearance is also increased by 15 mm. But due to the fact that we still don’t know the original Combi ground clearance, we won’t be able to give the current Scout indicator.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021


Looking ahead, it is worth mentioning that the raised station wagon comes out much more expensive than the original version. The increased price is largely due to the top trim and interior equipment.

At the same time, the general architecture and ergonomics remained at their own, so it is worth mentioning the installation:

top-end Bolero multimedia with a 10-inch touchscreen with support for mobile interfaces and voice assistant, 5 USB ports and wireless charging for a smartphone;

virtual dashboard with a new design and projection on the windshield;

ThermoFlux combination skin (leather and fabric);

stylized aluminum pedals;

double-spoke multifunction;

front seats with massage and ventilation;

LED contour lighting around the perimeter of the cabin;

three-zone climate.
The luggage compartment also remained equal to 640 liters and 1860 with the backs of the rear sofa folded down.

Skoda Octavia Scout 2021


If we consider the competitive advantages of Scout, then its main advantage can be called the price, although the Russian price list is still unknown.
But if you focus on the European check, then competitors can write off-road station wagons Opel Insignia Country Tourer and Subaru Outback 5 (only the base). But if you pay 500 thousand rubles, then the Volvo V60 Cross Country and Audi A4 Allroad Quattro.

Price and sales start date

As mentioned above, the price tag has so far been announced only for the European market. All-wheel drive version of the Skoda Octavia Scout Czechs estimated at 2.52 million rubles. It’s minimum. Further there is an extra charge depending on a complete set with onboard functions and turbo engines.

For those who are interested in last-wheel drive, they can purchase a front-wheel drive version with a 2-liter diesel engine for 2.44 million rubles. Regarding the start date of sales, Skoda plans to begin deliveries (again, so far only in Europe) already in July 2020.

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