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Changan C385 2022.

Changan C385 2022.

Changan C385 2022.

New Changan C385 in production version was first shown in «live» photos.

At the end of last year Changan showed a prototype of the new C385 electric liftback.

Then the manufacturer collected a batch of test cars.

However, so far the production version of the Changan C385 2022 has not had time to debut, despite the fact that sales of the car should start in the second quarter.

Chinese media published a series of photos, which captures liftback without protective camouflage.

Visually, the novelty is not different from the prototype shown last year.

Its body is still executed in the style typical of the Porsche Panamera with elongated front part and voluminous rear.

The roof line descends smoothly towards the large stern, where there is a long optics with LEDs, on which you can see a noticeable spoiler.

Due to this configuration of the body Changan C385 can boast a large area of glazing.

The presence of a panoramic roof creates the effect of the absence of transitions between the front and rear windows.

Changan C385 2022.

Headlights at the Changan C385 has a relatively compact size. And the front bumper features aggressive forms.

The Chinese model will offer technological equipment. Built on a platform of its own design, Changan C385 will be equipped with a system that is able to independently control the vehicle on the parking lot.

Moreover, it can control the movement when leaving the garage and find free space in the parking lot.

The electric car will be equipped with a new high-frequency pulse heating technology, which solves the problems of many electric cars.

This feature quickly warms the batteries to +20 degrees when ambient temperatures drop to -30

Changan C385 2022.

A test model of a sedan from Changan has been spotted on the roads of China. This model was introduced in August of this year under the temporary index C385.

But judging by the tight camouflage on the test model, the car will have a different design.

However, this does not mean that the car will lose its sporty appearance. The sedan is expected to officially hit the market next year.

The model that was unveiled at the end of the summer this year impressed everyone with its design.

At the front there are angular elongated headlights, which give the model a resemblance to the premium crossover Lamborghini Urus.

Changan C385 2022.

However, the Chinese car is significantly longer than the Italian Lamborghini and has less ground clearance.

The sedan has no grille, but the designers added two small air intakes so that the «nose» does not look empty.

The stern has a through lantern with a unique pattern. In profile, the car already resembles the American electric car Tesla Model 3.

On the test copy the front headlights and taillights are heavily camouflaged, so there is a chance that the production version will get completely different optics and will no longer look like the Italian premium cross.

Changan C385 2022.

It is expected to be one of the most technologically advanced sedans. So far we only know that the car will get an advanced automatic parking system.

The car will be able not only to find parking places and drive in them, but also to do it without human participation.

That is, the driver can get out and watch the C385 park. There’s no information about the power plant yet.

Initially, the model will be equipped with electric motors, but later a modification with a hydrogen fuel cell engine will be added.

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