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New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023. Chinese manufacturer BYD showed official images of the Seal 2022 electric car, which is based on the architecture of the electronic platform 3.0, which is the basis of the Ocean-X concept car.

This is the second model in the Marine Life line of electric vehicles after the Dolphin, which was announced by the developer.

According to the information voiced by representatives of the Chinese media, the four-door fastback Seal EV has the following body dimensions:

4800x1875x1460 mm, and its wheelbase is 2920 mm. Thus, the car will directly compete with the Tesla Model 3.

Overall, the Seal has largely retained the shape of the Ocean-X concept, starting with the X-design of the characteristic lines of the front of the body, hood and side profile, as well as the curve of the rear window line.

The BYD Seal EV has an 800-volt electric architecture and will provide a range of up to 700 kilometers.

It is powered by the BYD Blade EV battery, which is installed on both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions.

The output of the available powertrain, depending on the vehicle version, ranges from 204 to 530 hp.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

It is claimed that in its most powerful all-wheel-drive variation, the BYD Seal will accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

The Seal EV is expected to debut at the Beijing Auto Show this month. The car will be produced at BYD’s Changzhou plant, where annual production capacity is planned at 60,000 units.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

The new car is expected to be sold both domestically and exported to other countries.

At what price the new BYD Seal will be offered in dealer showrooms, no information yet.

Most likely, the cost of the novelty will be announced closer to the time of release.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

Chinese company BYD has presented its second electric car — Seal, this time — completely ready to compete with the universally recognized bestseller of American origin Tesla Model 3.

New Byd SEAL EV 2023.

Unlike the first model called Dolphin, the fresher and more modern Seal tries to demonstrate all the technology of the electric brand, not forgetting the brand’s signature «marine» style, which is manifested in several details of the body and the interior.

The BYD Seal belongs to the Marine lineup, which can be traced in its design: the stylish steering wheel from below resembles a fin, and the air intakes of the front bumper resemble gills.

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